The Kongo

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Kongo Christian King

King Alfonso is the new ruler of Kongolese society after his father has passed away in 1506; Alfonso claimed the throne and ruled until 1542. During his ruling he sent letters to their new ally’s king, King Jodo III of Portugal. It states that the Kongo needs aid from the Portuguese. The Kongo desires secular aid such as schools, and medicinal treatment. And because the Kongo is now a in an Africanized Christian state they need Wine and Flour to perform the holy sacrament, The Eucharist. They also seek a trained priest who can alter the form of that ordinary flour and wine into the body and blood of Christ. And of course along with the schools people to teach the students inside of them. They also want Pharmacists in order to heal the people from the diseases with herbs. Along with all the good trading with Portugal the Kongolese society is doing, comes the bad trading that poorly inflicts the state of them. The Kongo king does not want merchants or wares he only wants the priests, teachers, wine and flour. He does not want the merchants trading slaves in the country corrupting his Good-hearted Christian people. Also the Kongo king has noticed that when a merchant from Portugal is let in they sneak in and actually steal a person from their relatives and sell them to the white men to work, and the Kongolese didn’t like this one bit because they want their people to the be free in the kingdom and it cannot be done if they are becoming slaves. In reaction to this the king has made a law were every Whiteman living in the kingdom wanting to purchase a slave must inform 3 noblemen and will investigate if the slaves they are buying are free men or captive. And if they are being captive then there will be no further doubt but if they were free once then the buyer will lose all of the slaves he has purchased.
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