The Kogi Indians

Topics: Earth, Coca, World Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Abraham Segarra
Short Paper 5.1
The Kogi based their religion on the teachings of the Great Mother and how she taught and taught from right and wrong. They believe that the Great Mother has given them everything needed to live and they never forget the lesson learned even today. They refer to all as if in a kinship. All in their inner circle are referred to as elder brothers and everyone outside is the younger brother. They believe in the beginning it was just black, water was just there, the Great Mother is the water. Then she gave birth to 9 worlds (daughters) each had its own color. Then she gave birth to sons, one of which created the younger brother. Before the creation of man the Great Mother bled and enriched the earth, the blood is gold. The Great Mother would cast the son’s creation far, far away and kept the elder brothers close to the heart, but the younger brother had the knowledge of machinery. They believe that everything has a guardian and you must pray and ask for permission to do something so this way what ever it is they are trying to do comes out right. They are willing to change but only if it doesn’t interfere with what they believe in. The Kogi are also descendants of the Tairona Indians of Colombia. Mama are the priests of the Kogi people, who look to them for guidance. Mamas are chosen through divinity and taken from their families at birth and are cared for and taught buy other mamas for the first 9 years of their life. The training and teachings they endure help them be apart of the balance of harmony and creativity of the world. It is also where they learn to understand the importance of nature, where the action of blessing seeds before planting to ensure its growth a success. Mamas care for the people, even for younger brother even when they do wrong. They also believe that they play a vital role in protecting and prolonging life on Earth. Another important characteristic of their belief is in the initiation of...
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