The Kite Runner (Book Review)

Topics: The Kite Runner, Hazara people, Afghanistan Pages: 6 (2256 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner
I have chosen the book “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini. The Book”The Kite Runner” begins with Amir when he is about 40 years. He has published a new book and gets a call. The call is from Rahin Khan. He has moved from Kabul in Afghanistan to Pakistan, because it wasn’t a hospital in Kabul who could be able to help him. When he is talking with Rahin Khan, he is thinking back to his childhood in Kabul in about 1970. Many children were playing with kites. It was a kite battle and they try to cut the other kite’s thread. Amir and Hassan were on the same team and their kite had been cut. Hassan runs not after the kite, but in another direction. After some minutes, he stopped. Amir asked Hassan why he had run this way. Hassan said nothing, raised up and took the kite, which came from the sky. Amir’s father was a diplomat and hated the Russians. One time, he heard that his father told about him to a friend and said that the other older children threw rocks on him. Hassan had stopped them, and then been beaten and when they came home they said that he had stumbled. Amir loves writing stories. That night when Rahin Khan came to say “good bye”, he ask to read Amir’s stories. Next day it was a message on the breakfast table. In the massage it stood a little greetings and “bravo”. After breakfast they went to a tree. Amir asked Hassan, about he could use his slingshot on a dog and Hassan did so. They went at the cinema and look at a movie. After the movie they discussed the movie and the actors. When they were going home and talked together, they met three mean boys and their leader Assef threw a rock on Hassan and Amir. Next day Hassan had birthday. Hassan got a sling of Amir which has been made in America. They went to their special place. It was a white tomato three there. Amir carved “Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” in the tree. Amir asked Hassan about he will hear a story. Hassan will hear the story about “Rostam and Sohrab”. After Amir had told him the story did they heard Amir’s father toots in his new car. Baba (Amir’s father) drove them to a shop and Hassan could choose the kite he wanted. Finally the big day was there. It was kite competition and almost everybody in Kabul participated. Amir and Hassan tried to beat Baba’s record in cutting 14 kites. They made it. They had the only kite in the air over Kabul. Hassan run to got the kite to Amir and he then met the mean boys. The mean boys bet him because he doesn’t want to give them the kite. It was monarchy in Afghanistan until 1979, and then Soviet occupied Afghanistan. Baba and Amir had to escape and that will cost 5000 dollar for being safe transported out of the country. They escaped over to Pakistan and then further to USA. Here Baba died, and in year 2000 Amir lived in San Francisco. Here he got a call from his father’s friend, Rahin Khan. He tells Amir to come to Pakistan at once. Rahin Khan told Amir that Hassan was dead. He also told about Hassan’s son Sohrab, who still was alive in Kabul. Amir goes to Kabul to the orphanage where Sohrab should be. But he had been sold to people in Taliban. Then Amir had to go to one of the leaders in Taliban and try to find him. He find Sohrab, but the Taliban-leader is the relentless boy from Kabul, Assef. The meeting ended with fight between Assef and Amir, where Assef used stainless steel brass knuckles. Assef had nearly killed Amir, but Sohrab find a sling and with a slingshot he hit Assef in his eye. After that they fled from Kabul to Pakistan and then further to America.

The story is from Kabul in Afghanistan, where Baba and his family live. He is a wealthy man and he is a diplomat. He has a son, Amir and Amir’s mother died when he was borned. He is Pasthuner. A Pasthuner is “gentleman” and is in the upper class. The family live in the northern part of Kabul in the Wazir Akbar Khan district. Their house is of high standard. Here the family often got visitors...
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