The Kite Runner

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Journal Prompts for The Kite Runner

Prompt #1 – Chapters 7, 8
What happens in Chapters 7 and 8? Explain in 3-5 sentences. You've just been looking at a poem by John Burnside called Penitence. How is the poem similar to the experience of Amir and Hassan? How is it different (apart from the obvious literal differences)? Comment on the poem's title. Is Amir penitent? Why or why not? What does this have to do with "atonement" which we discussed in Chapter I? If you could re-write this section of the novel, how would you do so? Why do you think Hosseini, the author, has his characters behave as they do?

Prompt #2 - Chapters 11, 12
Before agreeing to marry Amir, Soraya tells him about her "past." Imagine that Amir does the same. Write Amir's letter to Soraya, telling her what haunts his past. (Remember your audience.) -OR-

Soraya and Amir both have difficult relationships with their fathers, in different ways. Contrast these differences by: Explaining the causes of the strain and the fathers' behaviors Explaining the response/behavior of the "child"

Effects on others in the novel
Evaluate who the better father is
Which father figure is most like your own?

Prompt #3 - Chapters 15-18
Complete the following sentences, considering these chapters: I understand. . .
I don't understand...
I wonder...
Choose one of the three completed sentences and elaborate your thoughts on this into a well-written paragraph.

Prompt #4 - Chapters 19, 20, 21
Choose one or more of the topics bullet-pointed below, and discuss it thoughtfully: • The narrator's reliability
• How the reader's view of Amir is changing and why
• The significance of minor characters in the novel such as Wahid, Farid, Zaman, the "beggar" • Issues about displacement/homecoming
• The role of memory/dreams in this section
• Effects of political oppression/theocracies on citizens

Prompt #5 –...
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