The Kite Maker

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Ruskin Bond (1934-1974) ________________________________________________________________________ About t6he author

Ruskin Bond is a famous journalist and short story writer. He was born at Ksauli, Himachal Pradesh in 1934. he won the john Llewelllyn Rhys Prize for his first novel ‘Room on the Roof’ in 1957. Ruskin Bond has Published a number of books including. My First Love and Other Stories (1974). The present story the Kite Maker is a fine example of Bond’s excellence as a short story writer. About the lesson

In this short story Ruskin Bond describes the simple and easy life of earlier days when even a kite maker had a social prestige and the people had concern and effection for each other. The writer remembers the sweet charm of old days through the character of old Mahmood, the kite maker. When the kite old days through the character of old Mahmood, the kite maker. In those days kite maker was young, he was honoured for his art of kite making. In those days kite playing was the hobby of the Nawabs and people were not hurried and worried. But when Mahmood became old, the people lost their interest in kite flying. They were busy in getting and spending. They did not care for the old kite maker. In the end of the story a feeling of pathos is created. The death of the Kite Maker signifies the death of the values and life style of the days gone by. * * * * * An ancient banyan which had grown through the cracks of an abandoned mosque was the only tree in the street Known as Gali Ram Nath. And little Ali’s kite had caught in its branches. The boy, barefoot and clad only only in a torn shirt, ran along the cobbled stones of the narrow street to where his grandfather sat nodding...
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