The Kings Speech

Topics: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, British people, Stuttering Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: August 25, 2013
While The Kings Speech draws upon a number of historical facts and events, this is not its primary concern. The film is about the effect of a person’s family on how the person develops. For example, in The Kings Speech, King George VI’s brother abdicating and his father’s cruelty played a part in his stammer and lack of confidence. The film is also about the importance of a secure support system, for example Queen Elizabeth and Lionel Logue were Bertie's support system and they helped him overcome his stammer and lack of confidence. A third important issue in the film is about the different approach to class distinction by British and Australian people, as shown by the expectations of Bertie and Queen Elizabeth that Lionel Logue will do whatever they wanted and Lionel Logue's insistence on working on his own terms. Finally, the film is about how a person can dig deep into their own character to become a better person and in Bertie's case, a better King. He overcame his speech impediment, anger and confidence issues to prove to himself, his family and his country that he was suitable to be King.

The effect of one’s family on how the person develops is significant. His father’s cruel upbringing and the mockery received from his siblings were a contributing factor to his lack of confidence as a young man. For example, Lionel asked Bertie: “Did David ever tease you?” “Oh yes of course! Ber-ber-be-bertie. Father encouraged it. He said ‘GET IT OUT BOY’. Said it would make me stop.I was afraid of my father, and my children are damn well going to be afraid of me!’” (The Kings Speech, 2010). Also, being forced to use his right hand when he was naturally left-handed and having to wear metal splints for knocked knees also contributed to his shyness, which caused him to develop a stammer. When growing up, it is important to have a strong support system and without one, the effect on a person's confidence can be devastating. In Bertie's case, it caused his stammer....
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