The King's Speech essay after watching the movie

Topics: Language, Public speaking, George VI of the United Kingdom Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Yuhao He
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King’s Speech review
Public speaking is not an activity that only celebrities could get involved, but is a daily project that we face every day. There is a saying that the word is stronger than any other weapon. Hence it is important to know how the word could shape the world and how to overcome the fear of speaking public. In the movie, The King’s Speech, The second crown prince has barely any influence toward royal household also inheriting of The Long Live King; however the fate sometimes extend his hands and change the history. As what we all saw at the beginning of the movie, the King George VI has a serious stemmer that he could not finish his speak. So his people are somehow disappointed. A great speech could shape the way people think also make you marketable. The King George VI has difficulties with giving speech due to his problem of stuttering, and he uses several ways to overcome his fear and regain his confidence of the King. First the King choose to do is enhance the pronunciation of vowels. The vowels compose most of the pronunciation of words, and accent of vowels could emphasize the content of speech. The second thing King choose to do is that using alternative words to replace the original words which could mitigate the problem of stuttering. The teacher let the King swearing or uses dirty words to speak out the words George has hard time to pronounce. This method is so brilliant that the King can finish the speech regardless of the content, so that the King has confidence of having public speak. Thirdly the teacher told The King how to relax himself during a speech, which includes standing on his toe and taking deep breath and which we could learn from. Standing on toe could give you confidence and mark yourself as a knowledgeable person also build up your authentic. Deep breath could easily help you relive the pressure and also have time for thinking about the speech content. The last thing we could learn from the movie...
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