The King’s Speech Lesson Plan

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The King’s Speech
Language level: Intermediate (B1) –
Upper Intermediate (B2.1)
Learner type: Teens and adults
Time: 90 minutes
Activity: Watching film trailer,
speaking about speaking in public,
reading advice about speaking in public
and preparing a presentation
Topic: Speaking in public and
Language: Emotions and vocabulary
related to speaking in public
Materials: Film trailer, discussion
questions and presentation tips

This lesson is designed around the trailer for The
King's Speech and the theme of speaking in public.
Students talk about speaking in public, watch a
film trailer, read advice about speaking in public
and prepare a short film presentation.

Step 1
Write Speaking in Public on the board and ask the
students what emotions come to mind. Write the
emotions on the board and then practise the

Step 2
Put your students into pairs and ask them to
discuss the questions about public speaking.

Step 3
Put your students into small groups and ask them
to explain to each other what they know about the
film The Kings Speech. Get feedback from each
group after 5 minutes. by Kieran Donaghy

The King’s Speech

Get feedback from the students.


Step 4
Tell them they are going to watch the trailer of
the film and that they should answer these
How does the king feel about speaking in public?
What problem does he have?
Are there any tips about speaking in public in the

Get feedback from the students and watch a second

Tell the students they are going to look at a
PowerPoint presentation which gives 5 pieces of
advice about speaking in public based on The
King's Speech. Ask students to speculate on what
the 5 pieces of advice might be. Show the students
the presentation and ask them what they think
about the advice. by Kieran Donaghy

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