The Key to Successful Leadership Is Influence, Not Authority

Topics: Leadership, Social influence, Management Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: April 2, 2013
THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCE, NOT AUTHORITY Leadership is defined as ‘the process in which an individual influences the group to attain a common goal. the difference between influential leadership and authoritative leadership. Working within an influential leadership model, committed employees will give up discretionary time to solve problems, serve customers, and think creatively. On the other hand, people working under authoritative leadership– or –command and control, as we more commonly know it will work to achieve compliance, doing only what needs to be done to get by. Great leader’s are always good at listening to diverse options and have healthy discussions. Influential leaders create environments like trusting, sharing, collaborative, In return it encourages the employees to use their talents and skills this especially work’s on the young workforce coming in to use their innovative ideas, coz they want freedom and control over their areas of responsibility and to use their talents and skills to solve problems. Effective leader’s help people understand how their contributions fit into the broader vision and inspire the team to achieve the greater good of the organization. While authoritative leadership only has room for one leader. If you look at the pro’s and con’s authoritarian leadership might be useful at the time of war’s where a spontaneous decision has to be taken and the leader takes full responsibility for the consequences. It may sometime frustrate the worker’s who have a better idea’s than their leader and it might lead to lack of commitment vice versa in the influential leadership it doesn’t arise. So if a person is leading a group it may be small or large the success depends on how the individual influences the group members and not by authority he uses.
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