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The Key Features of a Memo

By gloriaadeleye Nov 05, 2012 366 Words
describe the key features of a memo
memo is a short, to the point communication conveying your thoughts, reactions or opinion on something. A memo can call people to action or broadcast a bit of timely news. With memo writing, shorter is better. As with all writing, memo writing needs a structure. Because they are short, rambling meanderings will soon destroy the memo’s effectiveness and become a waste of productive time to those that read it and to the person who wrote it. If you have something longer than a page, it’s better to send it as an attachment or a document that follows the memo used as a cover letter. Never make a memo too long. If someone takes a glance at a memo that appears to be too long, there’s a good chance it will be set aside for a time when they aren’t busy. This can defeat your memo’s purpose which is timely communication. Memos solve problems either by informing the reader about new information, like policy changes, price increases, etc., or by persuading the reader to take an action, such as attend a meeting, use less paper, or change a current production procedure What the purpose of a memo:

* to persuade action
* to issue a directive
* or to provide a report.

* it can inform employees or work colleagues with basic information * it can act as a reminder for the receiver
* can contain a short proposal
* The advantages for memo are short and straight to the point. To convey information to someone. To carries question and answer on a same place .It is prompt action. They can give a permanent record for next references. Sometimes it will be come as a reminder on a specific day, date and time, which will be usefully to person, have a poor memory or a lot of thing to have to rememb disadvantages:

* the receiver may not get the memo
* sender could have incorrectly sent the memo
* memo may contain misleading information if worded incorrectly * They can be slow, information has to be prepared and distributed in the internal mail system There is no opportunity for the interchange of ideas.

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