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The Kanoo Group

By AliaAlR Feb 28, 2014 1624 Words
The Kanoo Group supports Emiratisation drive through Careers UAE 2012 (ameinfo news, March 05, 2012)
Summary of the News; Emiratization:
The Kanoo Group which is one of the major family-owned businesses in the Gulf is supporting the UAE government’s idea of Emiratization by offering job opportunities to the UAE locals. That is by taking part in the 12th annual Careers UAE 2012, that is launched by Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.. The human resources team of the kanoo group will be in charge of giving out information and explaining job opportunities for emirati candidates, as well as, they will recruit the most qualified candidates in order to achieve greater emiratization. Due to the emiratization initiatives of UAE government, a lot of career opportunities were opened to the Emiratis. Also because of the variety of the group there are many different job opportunities that can be offered to applicants said Pieter J Vorster, Senior Manager of HR and Administration - UAE & Oman. Careers UAE, join leading employers in UAE and assures that they support and accomplish the government’s plan of Emiratization. Because The Kanoo Group identified the importance of Emiratis in developing the UAE, they launched different programs to help support them in taking responsibility and to help them with the development. The Kanoo Group was the silver sponsor in last year’s Abu Dhabi University's 2nd Annual Career Fair Business/Management learning:

This news article shows how the businesses in the UAE are helping out the locals by backing the governments. Another outcome that was learned from this business news is that by offering jobs to the best qualified UAE nationals, the emiratis can help develop and expand the businesses in their country.

This shows us how the government and other companies helping the UAE local citizens by providing them with good jobs according to the skills they have. This will help the UAE’s future to prosper.

Incentives that work
(Khaleej Times news, 8 April, 2012)
Summary of the News; Employee reward/ recognition programs:
The financial motivations are not always what the employees look for. It was found in a study that 92 percent of the workers would stay in their jobs even if it paid less but if only they were recognized with the efforts they make.

In the Middle East, it is believed that Opportunities for career enlargement is the top motivator for employees, yet 45 per cent are not satisfied with the recognition they’re getting. Only a small percentage of people are motivated with the payment. Only 20 per cent of the workers believe they’re being recognized in the UAE and well communicated with, while about half of the workers in UAE are not satisfied with this factor, and aren’t being recognized.

Financial rewards can satisfy workers for a short period, while the non financial rewards keep them well motivated for a longer time. The non-financial rewards results in the employee’s commitment to the job and business, because they will feel they’re appreciated for their hard work. A study that was conducted showed that due to the lack of employee recognitions in the gulf, 70 percent are looking for different jobs. Multinational companies are taking into consideration the employee’s needs, because they found out that employee recognition means a lot to the employees and motivates them to work hard. Everyone should know the value of the employees they have if they want to prosper and wants the employees to work hard. Business/Management learning:

This business news helped us realize how important it is to recognize the employees’ achievements, because it makes them feel appreciated, while financial rewards are just short term motivators. In the UAE and gulf a huge percentage of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs due to lack of Employee Reward/Recognition programs. This shows us that it is important to reward the employee not just with money, but with recognizing the hard work they do in order to achieve their work. We see that with these recognitions programs and rewards that are not only based on payment, employees will feel satisfied and confident with the work they do and they keep on working hard.

Master plan to combat threat of water shortages in Abu Dhabi developed by EAD (UAE interact News, 4 April, 2012)
Summary of news; Strategic plan:
A strategic plan was established by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi to fight any threats about water shortages in the UAE. According to EAD media, the plan is about developing an eco-friendly procedure to reduce the wastage of water and increase its production. Dr.Mohamed Dawoud, EAD’s water resource manager said that because of the Emirates development in the last four decades, the consumption of water that is consumed by each person has increased. He predicted that by 2030 if the population in Abu Dhabi increased to 3.5 million then they will definitely face severe scarcity in water. This strategic plan is to limit the weakness of natural resources and to increase usage of water in an efficient way. Improvements are being made for the use of water in the agricultural sector. During the AGRA and VET Middle East exhibitions in Dubai, the EAD official was speaking to Abu Dhabi government’s representatives about how 203’s strategic plan is all about improvement in use of water causing agricultural improvements. By investing in technologies such as greenhouses using hydroponic systems, a lot of water can be saved and agriculture would grow healthier. Exhibition Director of AGRA Middle East, and VET Middle East, Richard Pavitt, mentioned how useful and interesting the 2030 plan is. He also mentioned that EAD discusses about important issues of water supplies and the efficient techniques that can be used in order to save the water. Business/Management learning:

We learned here from the news that water is one of the things that is being used a lot in the UAE, and that EAD with the help of other organizations is developing strategic plans for the future to help reduce the water wastage and increase the supply of it.

Dubai Department of Economic Development launches 'The Pearl Project' employee training programme (ameinfo news, August 08, 2009)

Summary of news; Employee Training and Development:
Training and development for an employee is highly recommended for a better communication and better output for dealing with customers. The Corporate Quality Division at the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is launching a new training program to make it more easy and helpful for customer service. The ‘pearl project’ in dubai are implementing this training course at their company to maximize their percentage in the customer satisfaction and to develop capabilities and to simplify procedures. A word was given by the executive director of corporate quality division, Mr. Mohamed Ali Lootah: "The Pearl Project is a multifaceted, innovative step forward to strengthen customer trust in DED, the main driver of economic growth in Dubai. The project is part of the department's continuous development programme, which is focused on achieving the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and ensuring the best added value services." The DED will have the opportunity to capitalize in this training and learning how to deal with matching the job preferences, to improve their productivity and efficiency. They will focus on the internal communications with the employees by updated procedures, operations and practices, and the corporate division will factor in employee evaluations to further improve their operations. The second training will focus on the customer relationship to provide creativity and innovation. The customer relationships programme will also introduce DED employees to global excellence standards and client satisfaction indicators. Business/Management learning:

We learned from this article that first of all training and developing an employee is very important for a company because more than 50% of the reputation comes from customer service so that will effect on how this company is dealing. DED is trying their best to implement and develop their employees by training them. Injazat UAE Nationals complete experiential leadership programme for internationally recognized Cambridge diploma (ameinfo news, April 23, 2012)

Summary of news; Leadership in Business:
Injazat has successfully experimented a leadership program with a group of UAE nationals who gained a diploma in leadership from Cambridge School. This program focuses on developing core skills in Executive leadership and management. The program includes workshops and training sessions which are held by world class speakers and assignments. This program leads in developing the career growth for the UAE nationals in line with UAE vision 2030. Injazat is fully committed to supporting UAE Nationals in developing the true business professional, providing technical, business and leadership development and supporting this through on-the-job operational experience. Injazat is proud of their success because there were Emirati women who took this program and in some statistics it shows that more than 50% are university graduates ladies with no job, so they are trying to make some achievements in that role. The CEO of Injazat Data systems added, "We are delighted that three Emirati women took part in this successful programme and we celebrate their achievement as another important breakthrough in our ongoing efforts to support the UAE's Emiratization programme. I would like to reaffirm our commitment to providing exciting career growth opportunities to all UAE Nationals at Injazat through their Career Development Plans (CDPs), which are focused on current and future job roles and the subsequent competencies required. These women represent Injazat's future and are themselves actively engaged in supporting their clients in various leadership roles to ensure that Injazat offers the highest level of services," Business/Management learning:

We learned that leadership is an important role in maintaining a good vision for the future by achieving goals in implementing Emirati leadership in the UAE, and to give more chances for ladies who are successful in achieving these goals.

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