The Kaliradman Warriors

Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Title: Kaliradman Warriors
Background of the study:
The word Kaliradman refers to the Filipino weapon-based martial arts and fighting system. Kaliradman emphasize the use of hand weapons such as swords, knives and spears. This kind of martial art was not well known today, even though it is can be considered one of our national prides and served as our cultural identity. Objectives of the study:

* Its primary objective is to give entertainment at the same time help the preservation and propagation of the Filipino Martial Arts. * Introduce a new kind of fighting game by adding features inspired by this native Filipino martial art. * Bring up the curiosity to the minds of this generation on how important this kind of martial arts was in our history. Scope and limitation:

* The game will be controlled by the player similar to the manner used in rhythm games. Incorporated with a patterns and music.

* As a rhythm kind of game, actions and movements of the character will be based from a corresponding sequence using the buttons of the mobile device.

* Improper sequence of the buttons will not result any movement or action to the character.

* The game is divided into several missions and each mission the player had finished will give an opportunity to upgrade the weapons and unlock new items.

Significance of the study:
* Gamers who love rhythm games, but want a new type of game such as a fighting game or an adventure game.

* Students who want to learn something about this native martial arts while they are enjoying playing it.

* Young gamers who want to try something new and unique.
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