The Juvenile Justice Process

Topics: Youth detention center, Lawyer, Judge Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: July 14, 2012
The Juvenile Justice Process
Detric Johnson
Professor Robert Roth
CRJ 180
13 May 2012

Juvenile Justice Process
Intake| Decision to Detain| Qualified Right to Post Bail| Decision to Petition the Case| Prosecutor Decision Making| Dismiss or handle Informally| Petition by requesting adjudication| Waive to adult court for prosecution| Adjudication| Arraignment| Adjudication Hearing| |

Disposition| Predisposition Report| Disposition Hearing| |

The first step or stage of the juvenile justice system process is intake. During this stage a juvenile is referred to juvenile court in two main ways, the first is through law enforcement agencies and second, through civilians like parents, guardians, teachers, schools, probation officers and victims of an alleged crime. (Juvenile Justice pg 258). After each case is referred to the courts prosecutors have two very important decisions to make regarding the cases. Prosecutors have to decide whether or not to detain the juveniles and petition the cases being referred and or presented. When a juvenile has been taken into custody an officer may take him or her to a juvenile detention center, which is a facility designed for short term, secure confinement of any juvenile prior to court dispositions and or execution of a court order.(Juvenile Justice pg258). Another step within the Intake stage is qualified right to post bail. This right has been given to juveniles as well as adults that have entered the justice systems by way of referrals and or arrests; although most juveniles are released to the custody of their parents or guardians they do not require or are not afforded the right to bail. The final step of the intake stage is the decision to petition the case, which includes whether or not to dismiss the case and release the juvenile to his or her parents or guardians, handle it informally with informal probation or petition the case for formal intervention by the court. A substantial percentage of...
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