The Justification of Julius Caesar’s Assassination

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: September 10, 2011
The Justification of Julius Caesar’s Assassination
Gaius Julius Caesar, the most well-known Roman dictator, was born into a noble family in the month of July 100 BC. His family line can be traced back to the deities, Venus, to be specific. Though he was in a noble family, they were not rich and it did not give him much political advantages causing Caesar to search for fame and power by himself.1 Growing up in a city where all the social classes exist together, Sabura, and his great personality gained him many loyal friends in every social rankings.2 His political career started in 78 BC when he became a prosecuting advocate. Caesar gradually moved up the political ladder and was soon a well known political figure with his skills, bribery, and the help of his friends.3 However, the most significant step was when he was elected the governor of Roman Gaul. This was when he conquered Gallic Gaul, Italy, followed by Spain. At that time people in the Roman republic did not want to have a King, they did not want their rights and power to be taken away. Anyhow, in 48 BC Caesar appointed himself dictator for life marking the start of the Roman Empire, as a result, taking away power from the hand of the citizens.4 What his next action would be was doubted by many, especially the senators. Even Brutus who he treated like a son, the leader of the conspiracy, was afraid of what Rome would become under his reign. A group of senate, known as the Liberatores, had a consensus that it is necessary to assassinate Caesar in order to save Rome. On March 15, 44 BC, the plan was taken into action.5 Julius Caesar, aged 55, was stabbed to death by the Liberatores. The potential, actions and the effect that Julius Caesar death brought to Rome were enough to justify his assassination.

Caesar’s fame was gained through blood. During his conquests, he killed many people to expand the territory. In the battle with the Germans over Gaul, alone, he already killed a huge number of people...
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