The Jungle

Topics: Meat packing industry, Question, Meat Pages: 6 (2182 words) Published: March 28, 2013
It is an elemental odor, raw and crude; it is rich, almost rancid, sensual and strong."| Meat packing industry makes the reader disgusted from the detail of the odor| Parallelism| "It is a sound, a sound made up of ten thousand little sounds. You scarcely noticed it at first-it sunk into your consciousness, a vague disturbance, a trouble." 1`7| This quote has to do with immigration and giving the character a more humanistic view to the reader| pathos| "Relentless, remorseless, it was; all his protests, his screams, were nothing to it--it did its cruel will with him, as if his wishes, his feelings, had simply no existence at all; it cut his throat and watched him gasp out his life."| This gives the reader an idea of how he felt about being an immigrant| Parallelism| “The orchestral uproar sound like fairy music” pg.1| Adds a picture and sound in the readers mind| Simile| “Some hold each other tightly some at a cautious distance” pg.8| Immigrant- Makes the reader feel sympathetic toward the characters| Anaphora| “his demon are driving him.” pg 5| The reader gets an insight into the characters mind| Metaphor| "Little one," he said, in a low voice, "do not worry – it will not matter to us. We will pay them all somehow. I will work harder." 21| Immigration- This gives a lot of sympathy to the characters| Polysyndeton| “Soil draining into it” pg 27| Talks about the meat packing industry| Alliteration |

“The scars would never heal if he did not quit” pg 69| This quote gets sympathy from the reader and expresses the work ethics| Ethos| Hour after hour, day after day, year after year naked little fingers in the unheated cellar” pg 63| It describes the poor conditions of the meat packing industry to the reader| Parallelism| “The first family had been germans” 57| This takes away from the complexity of what the audience is reading| Simple sentence| “…brought around the corner was water and doctored with formaldehyde besides?” 67| This gives the reader a awful vicious angry thought/ image| Rhetor. ???| So from the top to bottom the place is simply a seething cauldron of jealousies and hatreds; there is no loyalty or decency anywhere about it, there is no place in it where a man counted for anything against a dollar." 55| It makes the characters seem very hurt and sad which allows the audience to be more inticed| Polysyndeton| “He never missed a meeting however”| Shows how dedicated the workers were| Simple sent| “He had been in jail for three days and had disappeared” 58| Shows what new things the immigrants have turned to based on the working conditions| Polysyndeton| “One bitter Febuary morning the little boy lay down and rolled in agony.” 71| The characters seem miserable and adds an image to the audience of how cold and poor they were| Imagery/pathos| “ And so she raised her hands” 69| Shows how desperate for help the immigrants were.| Simple sentence| "And, for this, at the end of the week, he will carry home three dollars to his family, being his pay at the rate of five cents per hour-just about his proper share of the million and three quarters of children who are now engaged in earning their livings in the United States." 6| This show how desperate the immigrants were and how little they were payed which adds sympathy.| Logos|

"This is no fairy story and no joke; the meat will be shoveled into carts and the man who did the shoveling will not trouble to lift out a rat even when he saw one. Pg 103| Shows the unsanitary conditions of the industry by supriseing the reader saying they would take rats| Imagery| "To Jurgis this man's whole presence reeked of the crime he had committed; the touch of his body was madness to him-it set every nerve of him a-tremble, it aroused all the demon in his soul."15| It reapeats the fact that jurgis has a “demon in his soul” which reinforces the readers thought | Repitition| "They were beaten; they had lost the...
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