The Joys of Motherhood

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“The Joy of Motherhood”
“Metaphors” a poem by Sylvia Plath

June 10, 2013
Eng. 121

What is in a poem? At first glance a poem seems to be just a whole bunch of words written down on a piece of paper. But after further review of the poem one will find that there is so much meaning behind the words thrown down on that sheet of paper. In the poem “Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath it is shown that there are hidden meanings behind the words that she chose to use the poem. In the poem Plath uses images and descriptions to express her pregnancy in which the poem is about. Plath’s usage of and choice of metaphors that she uses in the poem will undoubtedly give the readers a sense that Plath feels insignificant in the midst of pregnancy.

In the first line of the poem, the reader is given a clue into what the primary meaning of the poem. It is introduced at the very beginning that this poem is a riddle to be unraveled “I’m a riddle in nine syllables”. (Plath, 582,1) Most riddles are not an easy thing to figure out , so it needs to be attentively examined to discover the true meaning of the riddle. The first line of the poem is nine syllables and there are nine lines that make up the poem which represent the nine months that a woman is pregnant.

Throughout the whole poem Plath describes her pregnancy through rich visual metaphors. “An elephant, a ponderous house”. (Plath 582,2) With using the word elephant and ponderous house readers get the sense that Plath feels hefty and enormous in her pregnant body. There are also other connotations with these words. A house is not only a massive item but it is also a place where families live. With being pregnant, Plath is in a sense building a house with her body for her unborn child to live in for the next nine months. The house could also represent the beginning of her new family. When it comes to Plath comparing the pregnancy to an elephant, she may feel as if the pregnancy is...

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