the journey of a cheese sandwich

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The journey of a cheese sandwich!!!
(Mid-topic assessment)
How does a cheese sandwich travel through our digestive systems? A Cheese Sandwich
A cheese sandwich includes a lot of nutrients that we need in a balanced diet. The cheese sandwich is made of bread, cheese and butter. Each ingredient in the sandwich carries different nutrients. The bread is in the carbohydrates group which means it contains starch and glucose. The cheese and butter is in the dairy food group, so it contains fat and protein. Our body needs these nutrients because we use it for growth, maintenance of healthy tissues and energy. Balanced Diet and Nutrients

A balanced diet contains all the nutrients you need in the right proportion. A balanced diet includes carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, water and fibre. Without proper nutrition, your body can't survive. When you eat a balanced diet, your body obtains the fuel and nutrients it needs to accomplish various tasks. For example, carbohydrates provide a lot of energy, protein are for growth and repair, fats produce a lot of energy to make cell membranes, vitamins in small amount for cells to work properly, minerals in small amount to make body chemicals and fibre to keep bowels working properly. Water is another essential component of your diet. Without it, your body can't flush out toxins, transport nutrients to cells or perform other vital bodily processes The Start

The whole journey of the cheese sandwich starts from the mouth. First of all the cheese sandwich is chewed by the teeth and is ingested. The enzyme amylase in the saliva which breaks down substances like starch into glucose. This makes it easier to swallow. Then it passes through the gullet, also called the oesophagus which is like a long tube located in the throat. The walls of the gullet contract to move the food down into the stomach. This only takes about seconds. The next main part of the journey starts at the stomach. A lot of things happen in here....
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