The Journey of Superman

Topics: Superman, Clark Kent, Jerry Siegel Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 11, 2010
The Journey of Superman

Robin Ingram
October 13, 2009

The Journey of Superman

In 1933, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel met for the very first time. They both enjoyed comic books very much. Siegel came up the idea of “strongman” and then Shuster drew him with a cape and red tights. A year later they named their “strongman” Superman. Over the years Superman has become one of the most popular American Hero’s. What makes Superman a hero and does Superman met the standards of a hero as outlined by David Lemmings? I will examine such things as his birth, his parents, his early childhood, his purpose and his final outcome. All these things are taken into consideration as we examine Superman’s journey to becoming a hero. Let’s begin with Superman’s birth. Superman was born on Krypton to Jor-el and Laura. Jor-el and Laura are normal parents without any particular powers. Superman was also born without any powers. Actually, many of Superman’s powers did not surface until he was a young adult but as a newborn superman did exhibit superior strength. Usually, the journey of a superhero involves one or both of the hero’s parent dying. Superman’s father Jor-el realized Krypton was going to explode so he began making plans for Superman’s future. Superman was about one year old when it became time for his dad to put him on spacecraft headed for the earth. Very often a super hero’s early life is in danger usually from some unnatural forces or beings. Because of the danger many superheros hide their powers or have special protection from other people such as wizards. Many of Superman’s powers didn’t surface until he was an adult, but his strength was evident at an early age. Because most of Superman’s powers did not surface until adulthood his childhood wasn’t much different than yours or mine. Also, typically the jouney of a superhero includes settling down in rural areas so they hopefully will blend in with regular people.

A lot like other superheros,...
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