The joker

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The Joker
Can you imagine the joker having a superhero powers? There is a character who is really like no other in this world and that will be the joker, the evil villain. The joker has no known super powers. However, he has a lot of story background and knowledge and he is also known as designing chemical weapons. He does not see death as serious thing, he likes people dying and suffering. The Fact that, the joker is evil and dangerous is because when he was young kids used to bully him around and make fun of about not smiling. So he decided to get a huge mark on his lips to show people that his happen but when he is not from his heart. Supposedly, his mental state is unstable which means he is insane, with his mental status the joker has killed almost a lot people and superheroes that he did not like or insult him. This character represents the theory about existence that part of me believes that people take him as devil, evil and dangerous. Hear me out; the joker is one a bet of mental villain that has no idea of what is around him or what his doing. Let me start by breaking the understanding of the joker into pieces. First, the joker’s history. As I mention right in the beginning, the joker has had many criminal history backgrounds. But there is a bit of argument as to where he actually came from. He has had such a sad & depressing history background as I see in my point of view but it may be different from comic or movies. For example, the joker is always on one step of the way of finding trouble on a movie especially. The joker has different characterize from other villain or superheroes. In other word, the joker is crazy in a way where no one can control and take care of. The joker is hell of douchebag in the character he usually choice to be when in a movie. Personally, I think that the joker believes him as the worse enemy to every single hero. The joker can be definite to be evil, and most importantly he is mental stated/ insane. This brings us to...
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