The Johnsons Company

Topics: Social media, Social network service, Web 2.0 Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Unit 1: Effects of Routing on Current Communication Methods. The Johnsons Company
With today’s technology there are a many new and different ways that the Johnson Company can reach out to new customers. Social media is a good way to reach out to new customers, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. With websites like these the company can reach upwards of fifty thousand users as these websites grow. Daily tweets and status updates can show a group that a company is current and still running. With YouTube you can upload a commercial and reach a big group of users. LinkedIn can also help a small business and another way the company can get attention is by sending out newsletters to existing customers and offering a referral system and discounts. Reaching out to newspapers and magazine can also help with visibility. Johnsons Company also needs an update for their ordering system. Currently all orders are taken with hand and over the phone. The recommended upgrade for this will be either a website with an ordering system. Another way would be ordering through email, this will allow for reduction in missed communication and will also allow for archiving. The website will also help in keeping track of all orders and merchandise. With the creation of the website, there will also be a creation of a database. The database will also help with communication with current and new customers. Another way for Johnsons Company to retain their customers is by offering discounts and perks for returning customers. Many retailers offer promotion for frequent customers, this is a proven and effective method to retain customers and offer incentives for newer customers.
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