The Jazz Age in the 1920s

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, Jazz, Jazz Age Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Castellon, Karen
Period 5
Mrs. Wehunt
March 30,2012
The Jazz Age 1920`s
Like all the changes during the course of history that the United States has experienced The Jazz age can be explained as a time to experiment and try different styles. This period was taken place during a time when big businesses started to grow even bigger and the United states became even more industrialized. The Jazz Age happened after WW1. During WW1 everyone was focused on the war. Everything the people would do was to benefit the war. Once the war was over most of the Americans were ready to experience new styles and start all over again. There were changes in clothes, women, music, writers evolved, crime increased, and daily life changed during this time.

Women during WW1 wanted to push for women’s rights. Eventually the nineteenth amendment was passed for women’s rights. Most of the women had husbands that were in combat during the war so women had to leave their housewife routine and work the jobs that their husbands left once the war started. After the war women changed their look. A new trend started in which women were called flappers. Flappers were no longer the typical housewife, they smoked, drank, went out dancing, and they voted. These women were more liberal, they wore shorter dresses and cut their hair really short. Another name for these women during The Jazz Age was also twiggy. After the war women wanted to avoid all the rules and the typical role they had to play.

Jazz was being played everywhere by the 1920`s for example dance halls, speakeasies, and all over the country. Before jazz was being introduced more in the country it was considered the devils music. Jazz is basically a mixture of experimental blues ragtime. Composers of jazz mixed ragtime into there music which soon became known as jazz. Some of these composers were Pan Alley and Irving Berlin. Jazz influenced everyone in America and even Western Europe. In today’s society music influences in...
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