The Jade Peony

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Dylan Sudol
Mrs. Gillespie
CP English 1 – D2
“The Jade Peony” Summative Assessment
"The Jade Peony" is a story about Sek-Lung, a Canadian/Chinese 8 year old who tells the tale of his Grandmama passing on and before so. He lives with his mother, father, and his other siblings, telling tales of how close he was with his Grandmama and how they made wind chimes out of recycled items. Sek-Lung was diagnosed with a lung infection later falsely diagnosed with tuberculosis when he was 6 thus missing his first years of school and thus spent a lot of time with his mother. The rest of the family is ashamed of this and wants to leave behind their
Chinese roots and become modern Canadians. When Grandmama starts to think she will soon die she leaves Sek-Lung with a special chime that has special meaning to her. Finally when she does die she leaves a jade peony carved when she was a child. The overall theme of this story is too just accept death and let it happen. The literary elements I took from this story that were important is the symbolism and the irony.
The first literary element I chose was symbolism, in this case it was the jade peony. It symbolized grandmama and her life of making wind chimes. (...) this helps to support my cause by telling that the
The second literary element I chose was irony and this is because of two things: one is that the boy's name is Sek-Lung and he has a sick lung. Also how the grandmama died of what
Sek-Lung was falsely diagnosed with. (...)
So in conclusion these two literary elements to me are the most important to the story
"The Jade Peony". Also it makes the story that much more well-crafted by how it keeps the reader interested and able to analyze it long after the story is done.
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