The Issues and Impacts of Slavery in Jefferson's Republic

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Black people Pages: 4 (1502 words) Published: February 19, 2006
Throughout chapter 6 in John Hollitz's Thinking Through the Past issues were brought up about the Jefforsonian Republican ideology and the impacts of slavery upon it. The chapter included a secondary source from the author Ronald T. Tanaka correctly named, Within the ‘Bowels' of the Republic that identified the issues surrounding Thomas Jefferson's views on slavery in the post-revolution era.

Tanaka took an in-depth view on the state of slavery after the American Revolution and the issues Jefferson faced as a result of the slavery of blacks and the ongoing presence of the Native population. Tanaka stated many truths about Jefferson's ideology throughout the secondary source that paralleled arguments apparent in the primary documents found later in Hollitiz's book. The major argument facilitated throughout Tanaka's article was that of Jefferson's desire for a Republican where citizens shared the same values and beliefs. Among the other recurring arguments that were noted in both Tanaka's essay and primary sources were Jefferson's outlook on the fears and threats the Blacks and Indians bestowed on Jefferson's new found republic and the fact the majority of Indians did not want to be assimilated into the Americans ways of life and were willing to rebel against the stern fist of Jefferson were evident in both the primary and secondary sources. Tanaka's secondary source, Within the ‘Bowels' of the Republic exemplified the issues and impacts of both the Native people and the Black slaves on Jefferson's ideology of a homogenous society, which were concurrent with the historical sources found later in Hollitz's chapter 6.

Throughout Tanaka's paper the theme of a needed Republican society in America was very strong. Thomas Jefferson wanted purity within the United States and peace with Britain was only a starting point for such a Republic to emerge. Blacks were considered to be a parasite that would not allow the Republican to survive because of their lack...
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