The Issue of On-Campus Housing

Topics: University, Rooms, Want Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: January 21, 2009
Imagine freshmen year in college. It’s filled with fun an excitement. You no longer live at home; you are living in a dorm with all people your age. Now imagine living in a room with three people. These people have completely different schedules than you. Some of you stay up late and some try to go to bed early. Some like loud noises while they sleep; others need complete silence. Well I can imagine this situation very well because I have been living with three roommates since the beginning of the semester. UNCW housing was way over booked this year. Housing and Residence even had to send some people to hotels for a few weeks while they were sorting everything out. I, along with many other people, have been placed in a common room. These rooms are typically filled with chairs and televisions, but right now it consists of four beds, four dressers, and four portable clothing racks. This issue is not only occurring at UNCW. It is occurring all across the United States and someone needs to lead the way to fixing it. I propose that UNCW is that campus. At Cal Poly they are having major issues with double the students wanting housing as can be offered. “When Cal Poly opened registration for its new 805-bed Cerro Vista dormitory in the spring of 2003, the university received enough applications the first day to fill it. This year, the demand by freshmen who want to continue living on campus is double the supply at the now year-old complex, said Housing Director Preston Allen” (Ballinger, Cal Poly sees surge in demand for freshman housing on campus, par. 1-2). At the University of Miami they have had severe problems with their on campus housing. People have been stuck in hotels for months while waiting for their apartments to be finished. “For weeks, University of Miami officials have been telling hundreds of students who were supposed to move into new campus housing to wait”(De Valle, Moving day arrives—finally—for some at UM.., Par. 1) At California State University,...

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