The Issue of Changing Australia's Flag

Topics: Australia, Melbourne, Eureka Stockade Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 30, 2011
The issue of changing Australia’s flag and to become a republic has once again created discussion and subsequent debate across the Australian community. The article by Carney argues in a rather sarcastic tonethat despite all the discussion about changing of the flag and to become a republic it will never happen. In Leunig’s cartoon he attempts to show the Australian community, through sarcasm that if the Australians do decide to change the flag it would look simple and describe a stereotypical aussie. As opposed to Carney’s article and Leunig’s cartoon, the editorial from the Herald Sun places the issue in a more broader context shifting the focus away from the flag change and recommending the time and money spent on discussing the issue should be spent more effectively.

Carney’s opinion piece ‘Another day of national celebration, but forget about a republic or a new flag’ (The Age, 27 January 2010) shows his knowledge of the issue through some statistics and facts. He presents himself to be rather sarcastic throughout the article and also the use of irony to attack flag-wavers, “motorists who affixed Chinese made plastic flags on their cars”. Carney lets his readersknow that the flag-wavers andgovernment are his main target audience. He positionsus to feel that the government are just wasting time year after year on this issue by taking no action towards the flag change or to become a republic. Carney then concludes with a strong sarcastic statement.

In Leunig’s cartoon ‘Great new Aussie Flag’ (The Age, 27 January 2010) he portrays the Australians to be very simplistic and narrow minded. Through his images it represents the a typcial Australian and Leunig is trying to depict that if we do get the flag change it will be useless and will be a waste of time. He positions the readers to agree that if Australia ever changes their flag it will just be a waste of time and effort and turn out really bad. He makes the readers think that the current Australia flag...
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