The Israeli-Palestine Conflict Analysis

Pages: 6 (1374 words) Published: January 15, 2018

“BOOM!” A nearby Israeli bomb sounds, shattering the glass in a small Palestinian home. A small child hears the rhythmic stomping of marching soldiers’ boots down the road. Israeli citizens run in horror from a Palestinian terror attack. These are the scenes one may see on a visit to the contested Israeli-Palestinian land. On his visit to Palestine in the late 90s, Joe Sacco recorded many scenes such as these for his future comic book, Palestine. In his comic book, Sacco painted a vivid picture of everyday life in a very divided land. He makes it clear that a solution must be reached in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This raises the question- how can the Israeli/Palestinian conflict be solved? The conflict has gone without resolution for...

Sacco makes Palestine’s perspective clear, but he talks to few Israelis until the end of his comic book. Two Israelis he speaks with, Naomi and Paula, are frustrated with Palestine and desire a one-state, entirely Israeli solution. Paula passionately exclaims, “Israelis are tired of apologizing for the occupied territories! There was a war! We won the land in the war! It’s our land now” (Sacco 264). Her frustration is understandable. After all, Israel has offered six compromises to Palestine throughout the span of the conflict, many including giving the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to Palestine. How come Palestine hasn’t accepted? After all, Sacco makes the desire of the Palestinian people clear in his comic book. The answer: the government. Palestine has a history of having a corrupt, insecure, greedy government with the intentions of obliterating Israel. HAMAS, a terrorist organization which ironically doubles as a social service organization, has complete control of the Gaza Strip, and majority control of non-occupied portions of the West Bank. Hamas is responsible for current terror attacks on Israel. In order to reach a solution to Hamas’ terrorist attacks and Palestine’s refusal of compromise, Israel must withdraw its soldier occupation of the West Bank. This may seem drastic, but the circumstances in the West Bank are drastic, and the withdrawal of soldiers makes it clear to Palestine that Israel is very serious about pursuing peace. If Palestine attacks as a result, Israel has more than enough firepower to curb any attacks. Meanwhile, Israel shall redirect the West Bank troops to the Gaza Strip in order to dethrone HAMAS and return power to a more credible Palestinian government. To create a people-oriented government, Palestine requires help from both the United Nations and the Arab League. For about a decade, Palestine has failed to form...
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