The Island of Dr Moreau

Topics: Emotion, Suffering Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: December 3, 2013

For many humans, it is easy to feel sympathy for others who are in a difficult situation if you have been a similar place before. We can relate to their feelings, and we understand the pain that they are going through. Emotions are something that only the human brain can truly comprehend. However, sometimes it is difficult to fathom the idea that animals and other creatures on earth feel pain similar to what humans feel. In the short novel The Island of Doctor Moreau written by H.G. Wells, that emotion is clearly felt by the Beast folk of the island. The pain felt by the creatures and felt by the narrator, Prendick, shows how similarly humans and animals experience emotion. This is because Dr. Moreau changes the natural way of life with his vivisection experiments, causing the animals to have more human-like emotions and characteristics. Humans do not feel sympathy for the suffering of other life forms until they display emotions similar to that of humans, because humans do not have any other connections to them.

The Island of Dr. Moreau has a mysterious tone throughout much of the novel. The audience is left in the dark about what exactly the doctor was doing for his experiment. It is very clear that during his time on the island, Prendick feels uncomfortable and frightened by the Beast folk of the island, mainly because he does not understand what or who they are. He is concerned with only his own life, and it seems as though he would not feel badly if he had to hurt one of the beasts in order to protect himself. There is one point where Prendick is approached by a “grotesque half-bestial creature” (27), and he “regretted that [he] was unarmed” (28). However, when he discovers that the creatures of the island have characteristics similar to his own, he begins to empathize with them. After Prendick hears the yells of the puma that resemble the cry of a human man, he makes a visible effort to seek comfort from the creatures, especially since he seems to...
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