The Island of Doctor Moreau

Topics: H. G. Wells, Science, Science fiction Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 15, 2013

Jane Laskowski

Response Paper 3 T 390

February 20, 2013

In H.G. Wells’s science fiction novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau Wells devised the terms of genetic engineering and human cloning. The book invites readers to see how H.G. Wells presented a debate on how the world in science was overtaken by Dr.Moreau becoming like a God, and blurring the difference between man and animal. The evil Doctor Moreau produces, through a process of “vivisection” infusing two animals together to form one that is supposed to be perfect. Rather than these perfect creatures he is aiming at, deformed creatures that are to act like humans and obey him. These freaky creatures were created in such a way that they appeared frightening especially to the character Prendick as he viewed them, “they were deformed in the face, malformed about the eyes, and none could smile ” (82). Did they appear a man or animal with their actions and habits that were quite blurred. The truth that Dr. Moreau causes misery is debated by Prendick and Moreau emphasizing that Monreau completes the vivisections while the animals are conscious letting the reader read this a horror scene as the screams of animals were described in the novel. Moreau does this work in such a revealing way showing how indifferent he is to the suffering he is causing to the animals. Wells write how Prendick felt about the realization of Moreau’s experimentation with the animals, saying, “I had not thought before of the pain and trouble that came to these poor victims after they had passed from Moreau’s hands. I had shivered only at the days of factual torment in the enclosure ” (95). Prendick was inviting the reader to consider the morality issue that is especially relevant, which shows Dr.Moreaus’ doing experiments on defenseless animals with his cruel methods. Prendick can never resolve how he feels about vivisection and how Doctor Moreau is attempting to create a new society based...
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