The Iron Heel

Topics: Jack London, Oakland, California, Social class Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: October 3, 2007
The Iron Heel- Jack London

The book I read titled The Iron Heel by Jack London was written as a dystopian novel. A dystopian has the opposite of what one would expect in a Utopian society. This as I see it means that what could have been a society of happiness and leisure was turned into a horrible and oppressive government. The middle class were used and bankrupted. People such as farmers were turned in serfs. This was a portrait of what might be to come from an oligarchy type of government were the power lies in the hands of a small group of people. This book refers to a fictional society that is incredibly imperfect. It is lacking the egalitarian and harmonious qualities of life depicted in utopias. This book scared me into a new and stronger belief in our democratic style of government. Even with its flaws, seeing the other option scares the living hell out of me. This book demonstrates intense social control but takes it to a horrific extreme and emphasizes the negative effects. In this book the oligarchy are the largest monopoly trusts. They ruin the small to mid size businesses by bankrupting them. The keep there power by creating a labor caste system.

The plot is mostly based on the Everhard Manuscript written Avis Everhard. Also footnotes of Anthony Meredith. The Manuscript covers the years of witch the Iron Heel arose in the United States. The Iron Heel is the Oligarchy. Other countries joined the Oligarchy, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. Labor in important industries like steel is highly needed, more than most and given decent wages, housing and education. These unions of the favored people showed great treachery and broke from the other unions and sided with the oligarchy. A military caste is formed and considered the official U.S. army but are in fact mercenaries in the employment of the Oligarchs of the story. The Oligarchy maintains power for three centuries until there was a successful revolution attempt. In the book they are preparing for a...
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