The IPIP-NEO Personality Quiz

Topics: Personality psychology, Employment, Psychology Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Hale 01
Aimee Hale
Prof. Tyner
ENGL 1009-K01
27 September 2010

Rough Draft

The IPIP-NEO Personality quiz gives a detailed report of five broad personality domains and six detailed sub domain descriptions following these. The scores are generated from extensive reading of the scientific literature on personality measurement. Dr. Johnson has given this quiz to use freely for personal interest and those who desire to study the traits of an individual. The test was very accurate to my traits and I feel I have attained information about my personality that were extensively explained and classified for me. If I were to have taken this test before a job I would have carefully studied myself, and been prepared to give accurate answers, and try to be the best candidate for an employer. If an employer were to give an individual this test before considering furthering their application this would greatly benefit them in seeking a person to fit their position. An employer could save time to find the better people suitable for the job. It is important for an employee and an employer to know what kind of person will do well in a company, and IPIP-NEO Personality quiz would be a great way to accomplish this. An employer could give this test after an application proceeding to cut out the process of selecting from a large group of individuals whose behavior could not be considered for employment. There are hundreds of applications sometimes an employer must review; this personality test could be a tool to eliminate people who would be undesirable for hire. I was told by a clerk at a grocery store that over the many stores in an area, it is not the resume and references that are reviewed first, but the survey and how its results generated with the position they were applying for. It is necessary for a qualified participant to produce suitable results to impress a manager. If a person has knowledge of a position, they should know acceptable behaviors in the...
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