The Invisible Man

Topics: Stereotype, Conformity, Ethnic stereotype Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Throughout life there are moments where an individual must conform to society and the people around them in order to be accepted, however it is the individual actions and how the individual chooses to conform that creates their unique identity and place within that society. Ralph Ellison published the novel that follows a sense of outward conformity and obedience to an established order while at the same time invoking an inward questioning of the roles an individual plays within such an order. The main character is forced to conform to the cliché laws and expectations of the laws and expectations of the society that he lives in, in order to survive and function within them, while he privately goes against these societies in order to define themselves as individuals and uncover the truth about those societies that they live in. The outward conformity and inward questioning constantly clash, causing the character to doubt and confuse with what he knows is the truth and what he wants to believe is the truth. In Invisible Man, the narrator is in a continuous search for his own identity as he passes from one section of society to another, taking on different roles within each as he questions his place to find his own true self. He is forced to make a choice of whether he will go against society to find himself, or if he will stay obedient to that society, in conforming to the stereotypes that he is given and go with the expectations of him in society. The narrator portrays many qualities of outward conformity while at the same time is inwardly questioning his own actions as he searches for his identity and place within society. However the main character presents these ideas in unique ways through the main character’s awareness of the standards he is conforming to. The narrator from Invisible Man is not aware of his conformity or his rebelling against it until the end of the novel. Throughout Invisible Man, the narrator is labeled with a variety of...
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