The Investigatory Project

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Investigatory in Physics
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Hydro-electric Miniature
Introduction: There are many ways h...
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Hydro-electric Miniature

We, the Researchers made this investigatory Project, the hydro-electric miniature as a source of information of other way in getting electricity. We use only various materials so we will not buy an expensive material in making this Project. The good thing in this Project are, it is not hard to prepare and it easy to construct. You can follow the procedure given by the researchers easily. Based on our observations, the miniature we made cannot make electricity. It shows how the flowing water makes electricity. But if you follow our recommendations you can make electricity. This miniature are made only to inform people how will the water make electricity. We therefore conclude that the hydro-electric miniature we made is successful and it also illustrates how the water makes electricity. Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the following for helping us making this investigatory project: To our Physics Teacher Mrs. Arlinda Domingo for giving us important information in making this Project To our parents who in one way or another is always behind us in the time of needs And most especially to our Almighty God, for giving us the strength, faith, talent and ability in everything we do.

Posted by The Hydro-Engineers at 8:19 PM 43 comments:
There are many ways how to get electricity. There are 5 source of electricity. One of the ways is the hydro-electricity which is being gained in flowing or falling water. So we the researchers construct a little miniature to show how water can provide electricity to us people. Background of the Study

The idea of harvesting power from moving water is not new or a modern idea at all. It has existed in some form since the Greeks and Romans used water-powered mills to grind corn. Modern hydroelectric power plants are much more complex than the original ancient mills, but the same concept that once ground corn is now used to supply electricity to urban and rural areas almost all over the world. Almost everywhere you look, people are harvesting energy from moving water. This promising form of energy production has become more popular in recent years as the power of choice in many countries for many reasons. Waterpower is clean, safe, and it reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, thus benefiting the environment. Hydroelectric power plants today are a marvel of human ingenuity. For a power plant to be successful, the entire landscape of an area must be changed. The first step to building a power plant is to build a dam. This is important because the dam creates a huge reservoir from which power can be harvested. This greatly increases the dependability of these power plants. The water behind the dam flows into conduits called penstocks. These penstocks control the flow of water so the correct amount of electricity is generated. The penstocks lead the water to the turbines and out through the tailrace. The swift current spins the turbines at an incredible speed. The spinning generators generate the electricity that is harvested from the moving water. Nowadays people rely on electricity in most of their activities. Electricity becomes people’s way of life or else their life becomes dull. There is question as to the source of electricity but what makes the difference is how dependable and nature friendly are the mode of producing the electricity. Based on this information, the hydro electric power plant fit this criterion. But the question is, are there mini-hydro electric plant that exist today? It is from this question that the researchers want to know if the small flowing water in the barrios can be...
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