The Inverted Pyramid

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The inverted pyramid
This news writing format summarizes the most important facts at the very start of the story It may seem like an obvious idea to us nowadays — getting right to the point when you start a story — but it didn’t occur to most reporters until midway through the 19th century. For example, here’s the lead from a Fourth of July story in the Massachusetts Centinel in 1785:Monday last, being the anniversary of the ever-memorable day, on which the illustrious Congress declared the then Colonies of North-America to be Free, Sovereign and Independent States, all ranks of citizens participated in the celebration of the happy event, and even Nature put on more than usual mildness, expressive of her joy on the occasion — Ere the Eastern ocean was yet bordered with the saffron hue, the feathered choristers sang their early matin, and to usher in the auspicious day, Aurora unbarred the ruddy gates of the morn, with sympathetic smiles.

Flowery enough for you? By 1898, however, the Chicago Tribune was opening stories this way:
GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba — The first heavy fighting at close quarters between the American marines and the Spaniards took place here today.
As usual, American pluck and discipline won. The little invading force showed splendid courage and spirit. . . .
What changed? Sentences got shorter.Writing got tighter. And reporters developed a formula for compressing the most newsworthy facts — the who, what, when, where, why — into the opening paragraphs of a story. That formula lives on today. It’s known as the 倒金字塔 此新闻写作的格式总结了最重要的事实,在一开始的故事 它可能看起来像一个明显的主意,我们现在 - 的点 当你开始一个故事 - 但它并没有出现大多数记者,直到中途 到19世纪。例如,下面是率先从七月四日

在1785年在马萨诸塞州Centinel的故事:星期一,是永远值得纪念的日子周年之际,对其中的杰出的 国会宣布​​当时的殖民地北美国是自由,主权和独立 国家,所有公民行列,参加庆祝的喜事,
甚至自然把更多的比平常温和,表达了她的喜悦之际 - ERE 东方海洋还镶上了红花色调,带羽毛的唱诗班唱 早晨,迎来吉祥的日子,,极光unbarred的红润门 早晨,同情的微笑。
杉不够吗?然而,到1898年,“芝加哥论坛报” 开放的故事是这样的:
古巴关塔那摩湾 - 首重之间的近距离战斗
美国的海军陆战队员和西班牙人就发生在这里。 像往常一样,美国的采摘和纪律赢得了。小侵略军表明灿烂 的勇气和精神。 。 。 。...
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