The Intruder AnalysisEssay

Topics: Adam and Eve, David, Sacrifice, Goliath, William Shatner, Philistines / Pages: 7 (1621 words) / Published: Jan 4th, 2014
In Andre Dubus's short story "The Intruder", Dubus tells a story of a young boy losing his innocence to protect his sister's, while struggling to find his place between boyhood and manhood. The young boy, who is named Kenneth, can be associated with many biblical allusions concerning the scenarios he is put in. In "The Intruder", Kenneth's relationship with Connie is being intruded on and he must protect it with his gun, the only symbol of manliness and power he has. In some ways, Kenneth can be portrayed as a Christ figure because of his sacrifice for his sister like Jesus did for the world. Kenneth can be seen as many things, but all he wants to be is a manly hero.

Even though he commits a sin, Kenneth does many things that can be associated with biblical figures when he defends against the intruder. In "The Intruder", Kenneth's sister Connie, whose boyfriend is coming over and intruding on Kenneth's life and Kenneth feels like he should defend it in some way. Kenneth can be described as a boy who is small for his age, lacking confidence, and intimidated by other guys more outgoing and confident than him, especially football players: The football players made him more uncomfortable than the others. They walked into the living room and firmly shook his father's hand, then his hand, beginning to talk as soon as they entered, and they sat and waited for Connie, their talking never ceasing, their big chests and shoulders leaned forward, their faces slowly turning as they looked at each furniture on the wall, at the designs on the rug, at the furniture, passing Kenneth over as if he were another chair. (Dubus 223)
The way Kenneth feels toward Douglas is like the story of David and Goliath; David and Goliath are both fighting over something they want, the same with Kenneth and Douglas, even though Douglas doesn't know he is in a fight. David defends Israel because he loves it in the same way Kenneth loves Connie. Goliath and Douglas only want to

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