The Introduction of Technology in Soccer Will Change the Image of the Game.

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The Introduction of Technology in soccer will Change the image of the game.

Some years ago, no one would think of ever having to play or watch something at their own time. Soccer used to be watched live and wrong decisions made by referees were the talk of the day. Today, officials are now assisted with headsets to communicate with their assistants making decision making a little easier. However, after different modifications to soccer have been made, another suggestion that has been thought of for quite a long time is still being debated, although it may now be a reality soon. The football governing body, FIFA, and many football fanatics are currently focusing on whether the ideas of using video replays and goal line technology (putting chips in balls to detect whether a ball has crossed the goal line or not) should be considered. Replays do help us to solve our own arguments and satisfy our urge when watching a movie, trying to see how a goal was scored or for any other purpose but it can’t just be used anywhere to solve problems and especially in live soccer. Goal line technology, on the other hand, detects if the ball has crossed the goal line or not, and sends a signal to the referee to make a decision. When the idea was first brought up, everyone was asking questions about how and when it would be done and the impacts it would bring. Most concerned soccer fans are still worried about how this technology will change the game and the feel that the game has been changed enough and any more modifications or alterations would make it loose it’s meaning and change its history.

The purpose of this essay is to point out how technology will affect the game and what major differences it will bring. Although technology is still of major use in fields like medicine and other sports, the introduction of video replays and goal line technology in soccer will not only re-write its history but also change the face of the beautiful game.

Expensive to maintain

First of all, the introduction of any kind of technology in any field will definitely have to cost money and time. The governing body should put into consideration that hiring these software engineers will cost a lot of money since not only one will develop the software. Software development will need time to be developed and finally released. This implies that this software has to be tested and definitely money will have to be spent.

On top of that, the chips have to be maintained for maximum and effective performance. FIFA will have to also spend money to hire professionals to train the officials on how to use the software, the dos and don’ts and how to handle problems which may arise.

But even if this technology is introduced, the costs to implement it will be limited to lower division leagues and third world countries. In an online article on, the writer also points out the issue of limitations of this technology “Some also worry that such developments would not be available to the lower leagues, further widening the gap between the rich big clubs and the cash-strapped minnows.” So instead of FIFA wasting money in developing and testing the software, the money can be used to develop soccer in upcoming and developing countries.

Negative effects to game play

Secondly, several interruptions to the game to resolve issues will affect the tempo of the game. The speed at which soccer is played is so fast that even the time taken to organize a free kick or a penalty would be too much; what if we need about 5 minutes to make a decision? Of course players, managers and the fans will not enjoy the game the same way as before. An average player will be active in continuous play and any stoppages will affect their fitness and stamina. When muscles that have been active relax, it would be hard for them to be as active as before.

These breaks not only affect the players but also affect the managers and their approach to the game. They will have to change...

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