The Interpersonal Aspects of Communication That Apply to Being

Topics: Instrument approach, Learning, Ethics Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: January 16, 2013
The 7C’s of communication are identifiable in this communication and are as follows: Concise: The conversation is concise and the messages are kept short and to the point. The questions are direct with a focus on finding the cause of the problem rather then scolding or blaming. Courtesy: Both the people involved in the conversation show courtesy towards one another and show politeness by appreciating each other. Complete: The conversation is complete, all aspects of what was needed to be covered is covered and nothing is left to assumption. Concrete: Both people involved use concrete and established facts leaving no room for assumptions or judgement errors. Clarity: The conversation is clear and the inquirer clearly asks her questions without confusing the listener. Consideration: The conversation shows consideration as the inquirer clearly takes into account the feelings of the listener and asks if they like to share more about the current situation that the Marcia the listener is facing. Correct: The conversation is correct and does not tend to misinform anyone. Both the inquirer and the listener use only the correct information and do not use assumptions or make false statements. The conversation from the passage takes into account the following aspects of maintaining interpersonal relations: Becoming Ethical: The conversation highlights the ethics of the inquirer as they approach the listener, the inquirer displays clearly that they are sensitive to the needs of the listener in this scenario. Becoming Skilled: The conversation highlights the skill of the inquirer in approaching the listener and how the situation is tackled. Becoming Motivated: The conversation clearly highlights the desire of the inquirer to connect with the listener and hence shows the importance of being motivated. Becoming Other Oriented: The conversation that is in the passage between the two people clearly highlights how the messages are adapted with respect to the needs...
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