The Internet in Our Lives

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Website Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: January 11, 2011
The Internet in our lives
The Internet has always made our lives easier and faster since it was invented. While some people think that the Internet is harmful or dangerous invention especially for children and teenagers, other people debates that the Internet now is functional, because they use it in the most their needs. This essay will discuss why the internet is a good invention and useful for humanity. There are many reasons why the internet should have more security. First of all, the internet provides an avenue for criminals to destroy the privacy of families. To illustrate, there are many criminals who are using to girls to get their own photos and then try to get money for avoiding spreading photos in the web sites. Secondly, pornographers which are web sites that include sexual materials, are easy to reach, because there is not enough censorship from the government on these web sites. Teenagers today are independent, because the try and search for the sexual materials. Finally, the internet now is providing the best place for thieves to create many ideas for stoling. For instance, phishing sites which buy and sell sites, fake bank sites. These sites are not censored and entirely similar to the original sites. However, if we look at the positive side of the internet, we find that the advantages are more than disadvantages. Thus, I feel that the internet is helpful in our lives for many reasons. Firstly, the internet is the best way to communicate with other people anywhere and anytime. For example, when a member of family studies abroad, the family can communicate with each other by many programs which are supported by the internet such as Skype and MSN. For this reason, the internet will be helpful for not feeling homesick, because the internet is the easier and cheaper than other ways of communicating. The other point is that the internet could be used in education. For instance, we can access our homework, listen to science lectures, and search for...
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