The Internet and It Effect on Life

Topics: United States, World Wide Web, MySpace Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: January 2, 2008
The Internet and Its Effects on Life

Over the years people have sought a better and easier way of making or doing things and technology has played an important part. Over the last two decades, technology has made a significant impact on our lives. In my opinion, the Internet has had the largest effect on lives in the United States. The Internet also known as the Worldwide web is the World's largest network, and worldwide collection of networks that link millions of business, governments, educational institutions and individuals using modems, telephone lines and other communications devises and media. It has impacted our businesses, families, culture, education and almost every area of ones life.

The internet has affected the way many companies do business today. Companies now have easy and quicker access to local, regional and international markets. They are now able to get information from several suppliers by just going directly to their websites and can make a decision even before making any personal contact. If they choose to make contact, email makes it easier. In a few seconds, communication is made and feedback is usually very quick. This saves business time and money. Not only companies benefit from the Internet, but consumers can shop from a variety of stores and have the goods delivered to their door without leaving the comfort of their homes. In this way, they are not only saving on the cost of gas but also on the wear and tear on vehicle. In addition to shopping on the Internet, bills can be paid and accounts can be monitored on a daily basis instead of waiting on paper statements to arrive at the end of the month. The Internet is a wonderfully place to do business quickly. People are able to get things done faster and easier. With it activities that usually take about a week now take about one or two days. The United States is like a melting pot with people from every race and country living here. The Internet allows...
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