The Instress and Inscape in Hopkin's Pied Beauty

Topics: Gerard Manley Hopkins, Green, Stonyhurst College Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: October 26, 2007
G. M. Hopkins's "Pied Beauty" In "Pied Beauty" we see a striking dualism in which the nature of beings is rendered in all that is unique, particular and individual. All multiplicity and diversity are the gift of God in the creation of being, emanating from Himself. Gerard Manley Hopkins gives praises to God for the natural beauty of the world, the variety of it and how everything fits together. God symbolizes what is constant and unchangeable. Unlike the things he creates, God never varies. Hopkins' symbols confirm his theme that a wondrous father exist because the worlds if full of beautiful things living in harmony. The Instress and Inscape in "Pied Beauty":

The Inscape: is the uniqueness of each creature in nature. Each has a distinctive design that constitutes individual identity. Inscape is the differences between creatures. The Instress: is the apprehension of an object in an intense thrust of energy that enables one to realize the its specific distinctiveness. It is the movement that links the creatures together. Instress is the similarities between the creatures.

1st Example "For skies of couple-color as a brinded cow;":
Hopkins takes two different creatures in the nature and contemplate in them. Both the sky and the cow have a unique and different identity. The cow is an animal that has a short period of life whereas the sky is there since the beginning of creation. So, this is the inscape where we have an obvious difference between the compared things. The instress here is that God gives spots and splashes on the sky and the cow. For sky, it is spotted with a darker color. It is full of clouds that may be white or gray which depends on the condition of the weather. Moreover, the sky gives different colors during the day and according to the season. In the evening we notice the beautiful orange reddish color that mixed with the mauve. Lilac and purple colors are mixed with...
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