The Inspiration of Country Singers and Country Music

Topics: Country music, Southern rock, Guitar Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Today there are many different types of music; Rap, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Rock, Jazz, Southern Rock, and many more. But now Country Music has inspired all ages from young to old, from people getting married, death in familys, losing close friends, then to break ups, to best friends, from animals and clothes. It's the all around truth about everyday life, they talk about Big Ol' Pick-Up trucks, hunting, then going out having fun in the mud. If any music inspired me the most it would definatly be Country music. But two Country singers inspired me the most.

Jason Aldean, Country singer and Guitarist, has released four Albums and 14 songs to the radio in only six years. It would be unfair for us to say he is a superstar in the making, the reason being he has had concert sold-out amphitheater shows. Jason Aldean has been nominated and won many awards for his magificent music. Aldean's music talks about familys, life, relationships, to losing a family member,and everything else you can think of, all of his music will inspire you in different ways even if it puts a smile on your face, or even if it makes you cry.

Jason Aldean grew up in Macon, Georgia. His parents seperated when he was three years old, and spent his life growing up with his mother in Macon. The times he got to see his father was the summer time. His father taught him how to play the guitar while he was there with him. Aldeans father lived in Homestead, Florida. The Georgia native was listening to country music before he could talk. He was going to country concerts by the time he was in grade school. He was playing guitar before he reached his teens and was performing country music professionally while he was a junior-high student. Aldean fell under the spell of Country music, and inspired him to do what he loved to do the most. Aldean made his first public appearance as a singer at a VFW hall in Macon when he was 14 years old. After all he has done he became a regular at talent contests, then...
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