The Insider Review

Topics: The Insider, Tobacco, Lowell Bergman Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Lindsey Karcz
Mr. Kwist
ENG 1101
27 February 2013
The Insider Review
This film portrays many things and has a lot of twist and turns along the way. It is a phenomenal thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The film brings up so many world issues, that it is easy to relate to. Michael Mann’s film The Insider is Phenomenal because of its great commentary on the corporate world, the media and the justice system.

The story of a man, named Jeffery Wigland, who decides to tell the world the truth about seven major tobacco companies knew and concealed about the dangers of their products. After being fired from one of the tobacco companies, he later runs into a producer from 60 minutes who wants to set up an interview to expose the company. CBS, the network that airs 60 minutes, later pulled the tape because of a lawsuit from the tobacco company that would have put the entire network bankrupt. The staff of 60 minutes and CBS struggled with the killing of the story; Jeffery found himself in the middle of a lawsuit a smear campaign without his story reaching the public.

Big tobacco was a big subject for the insider, but the lying companies or the humiliation that 60 minutes had to endure, which caused the lawsuit and costing them the interview. This was not the real subject, instead it was the idea of how a big corporation can become so intimidated because the stakes had become so high in the corporate world, and they all begin to play by the same rules. No one standing up for what they want or believe in or what, instead they the justice system defy who they are.

Except for Lowell Bergman, the producer for 60 minutes, who goes against everyone at CBS and do what he can to get this interview aired. Jeffery Wigland is still left with a horrific life consisting of harassing phone calls and threats. Where is the justice system there? There two both being opposites of how they portray the way they carry themselves. Both are just alike in wanting...
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