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Marketing Technology Analysis

Overview of the Product/Service/Technology
Instagram is a program that designed for social networking and photo sharing, which was launched in 10th 2010. Till April 2012, there were over 30 million registered users on instagram (Galle, 2012). In early 2012, Facebook bought instagram for one billion dollars, which has made Instagram a hot topic. What’s more, famous B2C brands such as Starbucks and MTV dominant on Instagram currently, and 25% of the brands are posting photos on instagram at least once every week (Galle, 2012). This service facilitates the users to take photos by the built-in camera or upload from their computers, and applying a digital filter to them, which provides professional editing that includes amending the colors from dull to glow or even altering for a more vintage effect (Dan, 2012). After the editing, it is extremely easy to share with other instagram users through various social network services (Dan, 2010). The pleasure of using instagram is it makes the users themselves feel like artists, and the fascination of instagram for those marketers is gaining attention and interests from general customers. As Lavrusik and Cameron (2011) stated, “The posts with images can be more appealing than pure texts for social media users”. Instagram unquestionably revolutionized the mobile photo editing, and undoubtedly has huge potential for branding and outreaching (Dyer, 2012). For those marketers who want to promote their new products, take a nice snapshot, apply the professional filter to the picture and add a captivating caption, will surly tap into the audience. The use of instagram is really simple that all the procedures can be done on their smart phone or on webinstagram, no complicated procedures are required from the users, basically just includes taking photos, editing photos, sharing photos and following other users’ photo streams. There is an age restriction however where the terms of agreements requires participants to be over the age of thirteen years old and strictly prohibits anything deemed sexual or sexually suggestive. A Personal Review

Speaking of the main strengths of Instagram, there are six points as following: * It has fourteen free professional filters that give photos an instant makeover, incorporating bighting, shadowing, and recoloring. * It supports iPhone, ipad, mac, web, android system, which indicates that instagram is widely accessible for all social media users. * It connects with Facebook, twitter, and so many other social networks, so when the users uploaded one photo on instagram, all their social media friends can access to it which effortlessly makes this picture a fame. The imbedded searchable database can reach your friends from your Facebook friends list and pick out the one who use instagram; also there will be new instagram initiatives emerging, whose number is increasing and continuous (Parker, 2012). * It is a creative way for marketing development, which is going to be elaborated in following topics. * As a striking social platform, instagram brings people even more closer, especially attenuate the gap between the celebrities or trendy brand with their advocators. * You can keep your privacy by only exposing your photos to selected and trusted friends. As a young product, instagram surely has weaknesses. Firstly, the system confines the uploaded photo to a square shape before editing, which doesn’t fill the frame of the smartphone’s display correctly (see figure 1).

Figuer1: The example of unfit display

Secondly, “ the excellence of the picture leaves some space to be desired in low light situations, such as motion blur and underprivileged dynamic range”, says by a famous photographer who works in fashion industry (Is Your Fashion Brand on Instagram, 2011).

Figure 2: the photo under low light situation

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