The Innocence of Monsieur Humbert

Topics: Lolita, Nymphet, Novel Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: September 22, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom I am here before you to present the innocence of my client Monsieur Humbert Humbert. I will be defending my client from Miss Dolores Haze aka Lolita who seduced him and took his money. Mr. Humbert is accused of kidnapping and the taking of Lolita innocence of Dolores Haze. First I would like to state that Mr. Humbert is Lolita’s legal stepfather so indeed he has custody over her. Her mother died in a tragic accident and there is no proof whatsoever that it was against her wishes. Humbert and Lolita traveled across the country he looked out for her interests and wanted her to appreciate history and art. He would spoil her with gifts, presents, clothes, and virtually anything she wanted to have her happy. Mr. Humbert even put her in a good school of Lolita’s birth city to give her a more stable life. Charlotte aka her mother is not particularly fond of Lolita. Although Lolita’s adolescent tantrums certainly don’t make her a very likeable child, Charlotte’s distain signals a greater lack of motherly concern than normal. Charlotte seems to see Lolita as a threat, almost as competition, and she sends Lolita to camp to keep her from hindering her romantic plans for Humbert. As her mother Charlotte was never protective and like her daughter she didn’t care for herself and was blinded. She is drawn to the sophistication and worldliness of Humbert, a European. She eagerly accepts Humbert not so much because of who he is, but because she is charmed by what she sees as the glamour and intellect of Humbert’s background. I have to admit Mr. Humbert is attracted to nymphets and well this is no English class to be giving you a vocabulary lecture but a nymphet is a female between the ages of 9-12 who is sexually active. Ladies and gentlemen of the court Humbert did not take Lolita’s virginity because she was no pure girl to begin with. Therefore how can he take her innocence when she had lost it to a boy Charlie at camp? Humbert never even...
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