The Ingredients That Make Me

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Tiffany Moore
Who am I?

Many different ingredients go into making an intricate cake. Alone, all the parts to the whole are meaningless. The flour is not something particularly tasty, and the frosting can make you sick if you eat it by itself. I am not simply the raw materials separated into different piles, but the finished product of every aspect of my life melding together and being shaped from experience as a cake would be inflated in an oven. There are countless facets to who I am, but the most important ones are my artistic nature, my complete determination, and my analytical thinking.

Art is something I cherish with all my being. On occasion, I will come across an image that captivates my mind and ensnares my soul. No matter what the context, the image is always the face of a person. I become compelled almost immediately to capture the gleam in the eyes, or the emotion behind the expression. Grabbing a piece of blank paper and a pencil, I begin to start a process that will take hours and hours to complete. When I've finally sketched the last line of the face, I find myself calm and relaxed from the knowledge that I have poured myself into the design all while still doing my subject justice.

There is a sense of stubborn determination that I harbor just beneath the surface. When I am faced with any sort of challenge, I will rise to the occasion and become devoted to my final outcome. Nothing can stand in my way when I have decided to achieve a goal. Over time, I have come to the conclusion that if something is easily accomplished, then it probably isn't worth it. I often am confronted with adversity, but I do not retreat. In the confines of my head, I sit down and make up my mind: do it. Going after what I want and refusing with all my might to not let anything stand in my way lets me transcend from ordinary to extraordinary.

Perhaps the most significant part of who I am would be my analytical thinking skills. These abilities happen...
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