The Infuence of Management Strategies on Students’ Attitude Towards Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya

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A Research Proposal Submitted to the Faculty of Education and Community Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Education Management of Egerton University

This research proposal is my original work and has not been presented before for a degree in any University. __________________ ______________________ NICHOLAS KIPKOECH RUTTOHDATE


This proposal has been submitted for presentation with my approval as University supervisor ____________________________ _____________________ DR. SORRE M. BENARD DATE

Department of Anthropology and human Ecology, Moi University ____________________________ _____________________ MR. ROTUMOI K. JOSEPH DATE

Lecturer, Department of Education AICO

This research Proposal is dedicated to my beloved Parents Mr. & Mrs. John Kemboi, my dear wife Wilkister Ruttoh and children; Rooney, Bonita and Ryan.

All thanks and praises be to God for enabling me to write this research proposal. I thank Prof. Rono Philip, Dr. Too Jackson, Dr. Sorre M. Benard, and Dr. Kimani Chege and Mr. Rotumoi Joseph who tirelessly guided me in preparing this research proposal together with all the lecturers and staff in the graduate department who imparted this knowledge during the master degree course. I also wish to express my gratitude to the management and staff of Egerton University Eldoret Campus. I salute my dear parents and friends for financial support they have been according me throughout my studies, and the African International College for the humble study and research facilities accessible to my studies. Lastly but not least, I acknowledge the support of my dear wife Wilkister Ruttoh and comrades Meja Kipsang , Truphena Kite, and Richard Yego who have been very supportive in the writing of this research proposal.

Performance in mathematics has been so poor. Students’ attitude can be influenced by the attitude of the teacher and his methods of teaching and the schools’ management. Good performance is influenced and ascertained by positive attitude towards the subject. The overall research problem addressed in this study is that despite an increase in the number of students who perform poorly in mathematics, little has been done to analyze the influence of management strategies on students’ attitudes towards mathematics especially in Eldoret Municipality. The study will examine the influence of management strategies on students’ attitudes towards mathematics among secondary school students in Eldoret Municipality. The objectives of the study are: to find out the factors affecting the management of students' attitude towards mathematics in secondary schools within Eldoret Municipality, to find out the nature and effects of management of students' attitude towards mathematics in Eldoret municipality, to find out the management of students' attitude towards mathematics basing on the gender and, to find out the roles played by the managers in enhancing students' positive attitude towards mathematics in Eldoret Municipality. The study will be based on the Reason Action theory by Aiken and Fishben (1980) and cited in Norwich (1989). The study will be a descriptive survey of secondary schools in Eldoret Municipality in Uasin Gishu County. All public and private schools will be targeted. The target population will be mathematics teachers and form two students. Sample study will comprise 200 students and 10 teachers from...

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