The Influence of Western Culture on Youth in Persepolis

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Globalization Pages: 2 (990 words) Published: February 26, 2015
The Influence of Western Culture on Youth: is it corrupting?

Nowadays, having a wide range of media sources such as radio, television, typography, and of course World Wide Web we have an easy access to all kinds of different information and materials. This provides a lot of opportunities such as education and entertainment. But with all these advantages we could also unintentionally absorb unnecessary or even harmful information. It could easily affect even the minds of educated grown up people, not to mention kids and adolescence, who are impressible and almost incapable of independently filtering the information they receive. It makes them easy manipulative and in some ways affects their further development. We can observe these processes in Persepolis, on Marjane’s example.

We see an Iranian girl taking interest in western culture, doing different sorts of activities corresponding: partying, listening to pop and rock music, wearing nike shoes and denim jacket, trying a cigarette, skipping school to go for burgers, etc. The whole graphic novel itself, as a format, is an example of western influence. A graphic novel earlier used as a sourse of entertainment, Marjane Satrapi brings it to a new level. She uses it with an aim to introduce her culture through a familiar to the foreign readers format. Moreover, the simplicity and the narrowness of details of her drawings encourages the readers to identify with Marji, to erase all differences in a gesture of “cultural understanding.” The reason why precisely American culture is so influential in the world is due to its leading position among the other counties in technical and broadcasting progress and also because it is the birthplace of pop culture in general. Also Marji’s involvement in this movement can be determined by her aspiration to try to find her true self in the course of her growth and development.

There is also an international side to it. Living in such oppressive and violent period of...
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