The Influence of the Peer Group

Topics: Peer group, Adolescence, Sociological terms Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 11, 2006
The article "The influence of the Peer Group" examines the great importance of a healthy peer group in the smooth operation of a residential facility. Many examples within the article contribute to the positive effects that peer groups have in determining the success of such a facility (these peer groups include all members within the facility). Much evidence points to the importance of peers in human development. Research shows that even in problem families where a child has siblings seemed to have a more positive outcome ounce introduced to such facilities than in families raised primarily by the mother (at least they have their siblings to learn proper behaviors from). This research showed me that the child with the siblings (peer group) developed the necessary social skills and learned how to conform and act when placed amongst others within the facility and the child who has not been part of a larger group had not experienced the necessary feelings that come with being around others their age. These feelings were necessary and helped the others when placed within the faculty. If a child does not know how to act when placed in such a setting and is around others for the first time they make more negative choices than those who had at least experienced this type of interaction. Peer groups give the child a sense of belonging that they can experience while interacting with others their age, a child raised without much experience with peer groups seems to leave them with no sense of belonging and makes them uncomfortable in their new surroundings, and are left with a feeling of indifference.

For smooth operation of this environment it is of great importance that everyone within the facility including workers and residents conform to all the same rules. This builds trust within the facility and whether your new to the scene or have been their for awhile all within have to conform to the same set of rules with no double messages. With this both...
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