The Influence of Stakeholders in Ppp Project

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Corporate Social Responsibility

What is the influence of stakeholders in a PPP project?


I.The private-public partnership, a moot issue.4
A.Several definitions of private-public partnership4
1)According to the European commission4
2)According to Joan Veon4
B.Characteristics of a PPP project4
II.The importance of communication in a PPP project5
A.Communication with the stakeholders5
B.Stakeholders in a PPP project6
I.YSF, a corrupted PPP.7
A.The reason of the deal7

B.Analyze of this case through the role of the stakeholders9


Corporate social responsibility is a concept in which company takes in account in their activities, social, environmental and economic aspects on a voluntary basis. Sustainable development, it is now integrated to companies strategy. CSR came from the request done by ecological and humanitarian association. They ask for a better consideration regarding environmental and social activities of the companies. The trigger was and still is; the environment troubles that we have listed since 1970. In CRS we have to take in account stakeholders who are a person, a group or an organization that has interest or concern in an organization. In certain projects, like public project all the stakeholders cannot undertake all the cost that the project brings. For example, if a government needs founds to renovated the public transport. So, they would ask inter alia a raise of the taxes. The citizen could not undertake one more raise. So that would be one of the reason that government would ask for an external help. We call private-public partnership. Private organizations (company, multinationals, association…) will bring some economical help to public projects. This kind of help bring debate. Some of them will find that is a good solution to overcome financial trouble and others will think that is a good way in which corporation through a new entity take control of government assets. We will study out through the study of concrete case: the Argentinean petroleum case, YPF.

I. The private-public partnership, a moot issue

A. Several definitions of private-public partnership

1) According to the European commission
“The term public-private partnership ("PPP") (…) refers to forms of cooperation between public authorities and the world of business which aim to ensure the funding, construction, renovation, management or maintenance of an infrastructure or the provision of a service.”

2) According to Joan Veon
Joan Veon was just a business woman and attending to the the United Nations Conference on Population and Development in Cairo gives her the need to learn more about the global level. She attends more than 103 and wrote book about it. In a video, she explains her vision of PPP. Let’s break down Private-Public Partnership. Partnership : is a business arrangement between two, three people or different organizations which come together and form a business arrangement to do business. Here two type of partners:

Public : all levels of government (locals, states, federal, united nation… Private: corporation, multinational, foundation, universities, associations, (NGO, Sierra Club, Green Peace, environment,

Aim: take controle of the assets of the government

B. Characteristics of a PPP project

Public company needs private help for two main reasons. First of all, they need founds to achieve it or, they need a specific knowledge or method to do so. When a PPP is created, government becomes the organizer, the regulator and the controller. Here after, one of characteristics of a PPP project.

* It is a quite long term relationship based between public and private according several aspects. * The method of fundament not only depends from the private but the public can also invest...
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