The Influence of Rock Music on Young People

Topics: Rock music, Punk rock, Hardcore punk Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The influence of Rock music on young people
Purpose of research
* To learn, how rock music influences on young people
" Nothing changes people’s dispositions and customs so strongly as music."

(Shu Ching)
Music – is one of the most inspired forms of art. Rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, a variety of sound-combinations, music colours and nuances reproduce infinite scale of feelings and emotions. Rock music — or simply rock — is a loosely defined genre of popular music that developed after the 60s of the previous century. Types of rock music

* Glam rock
* Progressive rock
* Punk rock
* Alternative rock
Glam rock
Glam rock emerged out of the English Psychedelic and art rock scene of the late 60s, defined by artists such as Steve Harley, David Bowie, Cockney Rebel Glam itself was a nostalgic mesh of various styles, both visual art and music, ranging from 1930s Hollywood glamor, to 1950s pin-up sex appeal and rock n' roll teenage rebellion, to pre-war Cabaret theatrics, to Victorian literary and Symbolist styles, to ancient and occult mysticism and mythology (such as Bowie's references to Aleister Crowley's "starman" in his song of the same name, and themes of reincarnation and self-invention in T. Rex's Cosmic Dancer). Glam is most noted for its sexual and gender ambiguity and androgyny, and use of theatrics. Progressive Rock

Progressive Rock bands went beyond the established rock music formulas by experimenting with different instruments, song types, and musical forms. With the advent of punk rock in the late 1970s, critical opinion in England moved toward a simpler and more aggressive style of rock, with progressive bands increasingly dismissed as pretentious and overblown, ending progressive rock's reign as one of the leading styles in rock. This development is seen by some as part of wider commercial turn in popular music in the second half of the 1970s, during which many funk or soul bands switched to disco, and smooth...
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