The Influence of lack of Applied Education in Geography

Topics: Education, Learning, Geography Pages: 4 (1097 words) Published: October 8, 2013
The University
Faculty of Education
Project phase I
Geography and Development Study
Research Proposal
Researcher’s particulars:
Student number
Eino Juuso Tunomukumo
Bachelor of Education ( Biology and Geography)

Study/Problem: The Influence of lack of Applied Education in Geography

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An analysis of whether lack of Applied Education influence learners performance in Geography at NSSCO/H level Chapter 1
Ashworth (1983) defined applied Education as a practice of observing and gathering data about the real world settings in dynamic places and in semi-closed environments (i.e. labs or classroom) or it’s a practical education that field researches, laboratory experiments and excursion. Ashworth (1983) further stated that Applied Education must be regarded as the most ultimate Educational tool because it integrate theoretical knowledge with real world practice in the field, and in a long run the skills gained in the field is considered as a crucial aspects of the Educational platform because it facilitate students to relate the knowledge they learned in the classroom argued Ashworth (1983). Background of the Context

Since Namibia gained its independence in 1990 until today 2013 (23years of independences) a remarkable efforts of the Namibia government in Education has been always to meet the teaching and learning requirements for science related subjects (such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Science ) and disregards the teaching and learning requirements for social subjects (Geography and Development), regardless of the significance of the experiences and skills gained through applied Education, which play a role as a backbone in understanding the contents of these subjects through direct experience with the real world settings, as a results the performance of...
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